Bay to Breakers 2016: GGRC Gladiator Edition

Bay to Breakers is this Sunday, May 15th! Our team theme this year is Gladiators/Warriors … so let’s see those costumes!

Here’s our plan:

Before the Race:

We will meet as a group at the bow-and-arrow statue in Rincon Park, at Embarcadero and Folsom. For those who met up last year, it’s the exact same place.

We plan to meet at 7 AM to give us plenty of time to take pictures, tie our centipede together, and get to our respective corrals – for those of you who have run this race before, you know that that always takes longer than you think.

After the Race:

Nate Franklin is very kindly nailing down a grill in the Panhandle in the morning, so after the race, make your way to the Panhandle for drinking, eating, and general debauchery/hanging out (note: club dues will sponsor some of the aforementioned food/booze/debauchery). You can use the N-Judah to get there, or do whatever else makes sense for you.

We’ll devise a plan this week for potentially leaving some stuff with the Franklins to have in the Panhandle after the race. Stay tuned (or reach out to Catie or Erica directly).

For more information on the race, or to register, click here.2015 Bay to Breakers