We’ve done the handicapped mile …

We’ve done the denim mile …

This time, we’ll test your legs, your lungs, AND your liver with our annual beer mile challenge.


What’s the beer mile, you might ask? (You know, if you’re a n00b.) Only one of the best – and most representative – GGRC events of the year. We’ll follow the standard Beer Mile rules (found here), but in summary:


  • You’ll run four, quarter-mile laps – each one preceeded by drinking a full beer
  • Your beer must be 5% ABV or higher.
  • Either bottles or cans are allowed (the one exception to the ‘official’ rules).
  • However – there shall be no tampering with the cans and/or specialty cans (e.g., wide mouth) allowed.
  • The prize: supreme GGRC glory, and a well-earned afternoon buzz in the park.


Note: This mile will be timed, filmed, and potentially used against you during future GGRC events (banquet is always right around the corner). Exhibit A.


No need for the fun to end after the beer mile is done; we’re also hosting a pot-luck BBQ and sloshball in the park. You’re welcome to participate (and bring friends) even if you don’t take part in the beer mile. It’s just as much fun to watch as it is to compete!


To recap …


WHAT: GGRC Annual Beer Mile

WHERE: Hellman’s Hollow, Golden Gate Park

WHEN: Saturday, September 3rd from 2:30pm – 5:30pm

WHY: To close out the summer, GGRC style

BRING: Yourself, four 5%+ ABV beers, your friends and some snacks or drinks for the pot-luck