April Member Spotlight – Kepler Ledvina

This April, we are recognizing one of the cutest, friendliest GGRC members – Kepler! You can find Kep at Sunday run or GGRC social events, especially happy hours at dog-friendly bars.

Repping GGRC at the New Member Picnic

What’s your favorite thing about running?

Getting down and dirty

The wind in my fur, of course. And all the amazing smells. And running with dad too!

Why’d you get into running?

I really enjoy being active, whether it’s going swimming, going on long walks/hikes, or chasing balls.

For me, picking up running was a natural way to bring some consistency into my active lifestyle, plus I get some high-quality time with my dad!

How do you fuel up for a run?

I really like chicken and sweet potatoes, but, occasionally, I’ll wolf down some peanut butter treats too.

It’s also important for me to hydrate before I go out for a run, given panting and dipping my paws in puddles are the only ways I can cool off!

Tree repeats with my pack

Are you training for any races?

Not right now. I heard my dad is doing a 50k, but he said I can’t join because it’s in the desert and far from home 🙁

Anyone know of any good doggo races?

What do you like to do outside of running?

My top 3 activities outside of running are hanging out with my pack of friends in the neighborhood, learning new tricks (I just learned “hug”), and sleeping.

Special shout out to Brent Ledvina, Kepler’s dad, for helping with this member spotlight. Stop by Sunday run to say hi to Kepler!

Hanging with dad!