Dogs of GGRC, Part 1: Carlita

This month we’re featuring our first “Dog of GGRC”, and we’re starting with Carlita! The mini wolf in princess’ clothing. 

Carlita’s training regime is intense and not for the faint hearted – it’s how she keeps her amazing physique, she revealed to us. She says her secret is to alternate long runs and HIIT workouts that include repeat couch jumps, tail wrestling, human pulls, and ball sprints (I’m exhausted already!). She also believes in proper nutrition and fuelling while running. Her favourite mid run snacks include the finest French cheese, side walk poop (preferably aged), and human flesh (any finger will do).  She also stressed the need to balance workouts and resting.  She’s a huge advocate for post run belly and shoulder rubs, but for the love of God, DO NOT touch her on the top of the head!!!

Her second ever race is on March 21st, and she’s a little nervous, but also excited. She learnt a lot from her first race – she placed fifth in the Canicross race in San Jose (rumor has it her human held her back) – and has fine tuned her racing plan. She prefers a mid race doo doo to a pre race one – helps with her nerves – and has developed this preference into an effective sabotage technique by pooping in the middle of the trail directly in front of others to slow them down.  It’s a loophole in the rules and by-laws apparently. She alleges she was surprised by how much she enjoyed the cameras on her, and is going to get her hair “did” for the next race to really “bring it”. “People like good looking people, and it’s the same for dogs”. 

Her favourite song is Lizzo’s “Good as hell” and her life ambition is to star in the Never Ending Story prequel as a young Falcor. In the interim, she’s going to focus on her first modelling gig for the GGRC spring 2020 collection. It’s about time she got recognized!!

Real time update: Carlita recently injured herself whilst demolishing a cushion (another bespoke training technique), and her ability to race at the end of this month is now in question. She asks us all to pray for her.