February Member Spotlight – Renee Hamilton & Joey Rohrer

For Valentine’s Day, we are celebrating GGRC couple, Renee & Joey!

Who joined GGRC first, and why?

Renee: I joined the club back in early 2018 when I moved to SF from across the bay. I was mainly looking for a fun and social running club where I could meet other people that were also into running and to feel more motivated running with people.

How did you convince Joey to join GGRC?

Renee: At the time Joey and I met, I was the president of GGRC, which was very much shut down for a while due to COVID. Joey is a very supportive partner and didn’t take much convincing to join the club. He just decided that joining was the only option since he also likes running (although probably not as much as I do!)

When you’re not running with GGRC, do you usually run together or solo?

Joey: Renee is currently trying to hit a 25 mile/week goal, and my primary sport is basketball, so usually Renee is out running alone or with GGRC friends and then she sometimes convinces me to join her for a longer run from time to time.

Outside of running, are there any other sports that you enjoy doing together?

Renee: Joey loves snowboarding and has been doing it for years, so he is pretty experienced! I am just learning how to snowboard this year, and am benefitting a lot from Joey’s coaching. I can’t keep up with him too much currently, but it’s been a blast traveling to fun mountain destinations and snowboarding more together as I make progress!

How do you stock a fridge for two runners?

Renee: Ha!

Joey: It mainly involves Renee buying a ton of groceries for daily smoothies and breakfast sandwiches, and then I like to stock up with protein shakes, beer and huge jars of mayonnaise. We’ll cook some simple dinners together sometimes, and then we love rewarding ourselves for working out by going out to eat!

Renee: Our current guilty pleasure is definitely Souvla!

Happy Valentine’s Day, GGRC! 💕