January Member Spotlight – Isabella Dougherty

New year, new members! This January, we’re spotlighting one of our newer members, Isabella Dougherty.

Why did you start running?

I started running after college when I was living in Boston as a way to meet new people, explore the city, and stay active as I started my (very sedentary) office job. These three reasons are the same ones that have kept me running over the years. As I’ve moved to various cities, running has always given me a great community of friends (and a full list of post-run cafes/bars).

How did you hear about GGRC?

I learned about GGRC as I was searching online for run clubs in San Francisco. GGRC stuck out to me because you could really feel the personality of the club through the social media posts. The more I read and saw, the more I could tell it was the type of club where people love to run and where they will be there to support you.

What was your first experience with GGRC like?

I remember showing up to my first Wednesday Track and being a little nervous (full disclosure I’m definitely not the fastest runner). However, those nerves quickly subsided as club members introduced themselves to me and as we kicked off introductions and the group warm-up job. It was a great workout and the perfect level of challenging yet social. By the end of the workout and on the way to grab post-run drinks, I knew I was hooked.

Isabella & other GGRCers at the Mt. Tam trail race

What’s your favorite GGRC event or activity that you’ve attended since you joined?

My favorite club event was the Mt. Tam trail race the club participated in the fall of 2021. It was my first race since COVID started and the most elevation I had ever faced in a race. There were a lot of GGRC members running- many avid trail runners, and many running their first trail race ever. Although the run was beautiful (and I got a PR), the true best parts were the post-race picnic on the beach and my carpool car (shout-out to Jack, Bill, and Debbie for being a 10/10 carpool car). It was a great day and was one of those moments that you reflect on and can’t think of anything negative about the entire day.

What do you like to do when you’re not running?

You can find me hanging out with friends having a picnic in Golden Gate or Dolores park. Maybe it’s a result of growing up in Minnesota and having frigid winters, but I feel obligated to soak up the sun and be outside as much as possible. Honestly, still hard for me to believe we can have an outdoor picnic in January!

If you are curious about GGRC, come out and give us a try. You might get hooked, just like Isabella!

Representing GGRC at Christmas Relays 🎄