January Member Spotlight – Mandy Chan

New year, new you, new GGRC member! To kick off 2019, we’re spotlighting one of our newest GGRC members, Mandy Chan.

We know it might feel intimidating to join a running club, especially if you’re just starting out or you’re getting back into running after a break. In this Member Spotlight, Mandy tells us about how why she started running, what her first GGRC experience was like, and what she does for fun–when not running with GGRC, of course!

Why did you start running?

I actually started running as a way to bond with my older brother. He was going through a rough period in life and running helped him feel better. As a show of support, I decided to join one of his track training sessions at a running club in Hong Kong. It felt so good afterwards, I kept going back!

Hong Kong to San Francisco! How did you hear about GGRC?

As soon as I moved to SF I started googling running clubs here and GGRC came up as one of top hits. The club sounded consistent about their training but also laid back and friendly. Oh and Sunday runs on Crissey Field starting at 10am? That means I can sleep in! Sign me up.

What was your first experience with GGRC like?

My first time was at track night on a Wed. Will, the coach, introduced me to the workings of the club and he also organized this relay exercise where you had to buddy up so it had an aspect of teamwork in it.

What do you like to do when you’re not running?

Yoga, cook and play with my pet bunny!

Welcome, Mandy! We’re so happy you joined GGRC.