September Member Spotlight – Denim Milers!

Here at GGRC, we like to run a mile time trial at the end of every quarter. It’s simple: run one mile as fast as you can. This is a great way to check in on your fitness. Many of our members have watched their mile times drop precipitously after just a few Wednesday nights on the track.

But once a year, we do this with a twist. In September we hold the annual GGRC Denim Mile, a time trial wearing jeans.

Why, you might ask? Think of it as the ultimate equipment check. How do you really know that those expensive running shorts are worth it if you’ve never run a mile in full-length jeans?

The 5th Annual GGRC Denim Mile


1. NO JORTS. Full length jeans required. Overalls are fine so long as the legs are full length.

2. NO JEGGINGS. This classic race is about classic denim.

3. Some stretch or rips in your jeans are fine, but don’t deliberately pick jeans to aid your comfort or speed. This is about testing the limits of uncomfortable.

We held the 5th Annual GGRC Denim Mile yesterday, so for September, we’re celebrating our brave Denim Milers! Here’s our recap.

The Denim Mile is a single mixed-gender heat. The winners of each gender get a ribbon, but really, everyone is a winner. Those who dare face the limits of chafing win fame and extra applause. Special kudos to Taylor, who really committed on this warm and humid September night.

Why chafe a little when you could chafe a lot?

After a brief warm up, the runners take off! The pace was aggressive from the beginning.


Jakob, trying to defend the title from last year, took the early lead. John followed closely behind with the confidence of a man running 75 second laps while wearing overalls. Rob and Colin worked together, looking like a Denim Dream boy band.

Teamwork makes the denim dream work

But really, it was the ladies who showed us how it’s done. Only true queens wear double denim to a time trial.

Making it look easy!

After four extremely sweaty laps, Jakob gave it his all and defended his title with a blistering 5:11. His performance taught us that anything is possible — when you’re wearing jeans.

Denim Mile glory

Congratulations to all of our Denim Milers! You make us so proud.