2nd Annual GGRC Denim Mile

GGRC Denim Mile
7pm Wednesday, August 17th at Kezar Stadium,
The stated goal is simple – run a mile as fast as you can in full-length jeans.
The actual goal is even simpler – make pretty big asses of ourselves on a crowded track full of serious runners.
This year’s theme is ‘Peak Hotness‘ – a little triple entendre as it’ll hopefully be one of the warmest times of the year; Kezar is nicely in the shadow of Twin Peaks; and we think you’ll all be looking your hottest with your butts covered in denim.
Feel free to costume up or add a little on-theme flare if you want to max out your peak hotness. Show Hof what he’s been missing.
This will be a single mixed-gender heat and it will take place during the first ~15 minutes of track after warm up (regular workout likely to follow).
We had a blast last year and this year looks to be at least as awful/amazing. Still not convinced? Think of it as the ultimate equipment check. How do you really know that those expensive running shorts are worth it if you’ve never run a mile in full-length jeans? Oh, you already know from last year? Then I guess you’d better get out there and PR!
There will of course be ribbons and we even have some secret party favors for all participants this year…
1. NO JORTS. Full length jeans required. Overalls are fine so long as the legs are full length.
2. NO JEGGINGS. This classic race is about classic denim.
3. Some stretch or rips in your jeans are fine, but don’t deliberately pick jeans to aid your comfort or speed. This is about testing the limits of uncomfortable.
4. We’re not going to be sticklers for the rules, just do your best. Participation will be favored over any technicalities.
1. Classic blue jeans if you’ve got them. All of our color-coordinated butts on the waterfall start is going to make for another sweet Facebook cover photo!
2. Costumes went over really well last year and are definitely encouraged. Brawny man flannel shirt? Yes! Mountainous bear pelt (real bear or homegrown)? Absolutely! Painfully amazing Canadian Rockies tuxedo? Sure worked well for Kessler last year, eh!
3. For those not interested in running a mile at full speed in full length jeans (what’s wrong with you?), feel free to come cheer or jeer your brave, soon-to-be-chafed GGRC friends!
Hope to see you there!